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Move day checklist

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Getting ready to relocate is thrilling! By using the Platinum Express Moving checklist, you can be sure that every aspect of your relocation has been thought out and prepared for.



To learn the guidelines and limitations for relocating, start by speaking with building management at both your new address and present address.

Reviewing Your Quote

All of your line item costs and any potential supplemental charges should be explicitly stated in your quote. Do not be duped by low quotations; frequently, those movers will tack on extra charges that can total up to more than your other quotes and can ruin your experience.

Booked Mover

Once you’ve selected your moving business based on the best pricing and agreed-upon service, continue through with your booking confirmation.

Packing Up

It always takes more time than you anticipate. Plan ahead and attempt to complete long before moving day so you can concentrate on the last-minute details. Allocate more time than you anticipate.

Moving Day